VideoWarp brings a new angle to creative content. By freeing video from the single perspective of a conventional camera, you can interact with video content in a way never before possible.

Whether you’re cutting a traditional video with tricky camera effects, or producing an interactive feature, VideoWarp is the right tool for the job. With tools for creating, editing, publishing and viewing, VideoWarp is a complete, end-to-end platform for panoramic content.

Play time

VideoWarp Player is a free program for Mac and Windows that lets the viewer direct the action. VideoWarp movies provide 360 degrees of video content that viewers can explore from their desktop, delivering a first person videogame-like perspective from real-world imagery. The Player goes beyond this by providing custom virtual views for everything from zoom to fisheye lenses, or full 360 degree wide panoramas.

Made to order

Content creators can deliver an experience tailored to their vision with the VideoWarp Creator tool. Panoramic video is displayed, unwarped and edited in real time — even in high definition. Tween paths can be created to direct viewers to the action, or to deliver a passive viewing experience. Interactive videos can be published to VideoWarp Player, the files distributed on CD or DVD, or over the Internet.

Capture the whole scene

Panoramic video can be captured from one-shot optics such as the 360 One VR® when used with supported video cameras. VideoWarp supports real-time unwarping of almost any source material from DV to 1080i HD video and beyond. VideoWarp also supports editing footage in spherical or cylindrical video produced from other systems.

Trick play

When you’re producing traditional video content, VideoWarp offers a new way to get the shot of your dreams. By capturing content with a 360 degree camera, you can control your viewpoint with exacting precision from the comfort of an editing booth. Pan, tilt and zoom the virtual camera with control points over time, and create multiple cuts from the same footage from different angles. No motion control apparatus or re-takes are required. You can even simulate custom lenses for your shot. Once you’ve made the perfect cut, export to a linear movie for use in the rest of your production.

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