360 One

Two years of extensive research by EyeSee360 have produced innovative optical and software technology that delivers unrivaled quality and simplicity. Through partnership with Kaidan, this technology has been formed into a product ideally suited to the needs of the panoramic photographer.

The 360 One consists of a lightweight and rugged proprietary optical system and the innovative EyeSee360 PhotoWarp™ software. The unique EyeSee360 optic provides a complete 360° horizontal panorama with a 100° vertical field-of-view (50° above and 50° below the horizon). This vertical field-of-view is substantially greater than competitive offerings and brings single-shot panoramic technology into the mainstream. With the 360 One, single-shot panoramas can be used for interior real estate shots and other situations where it is important to look up and down as well as side-to-side.

When coupled with a 3 megapixel or greater camera, the 360 One offers an exceptional and unparalleled level of quality that rivals current solutions requiring 12 or more stitched images. Since the 360 One requires only a single shot to capture the full 360° view, action scenes with moving objects are easily photographed. The 360 One can capture panoramic images in crowd scenes, at concerts, on city streets, at sporting events, or even from moving vehicles. Photographers avoid the stitching or seaming demanded by competitive multiple-shot systems (such as the two and three-shot iPIX® system), eliminating the problems of visible seams or exposure differences across the panorama.

EyeSee360’s PhotoWarp™ software quickly and easily processes a 360 One photograph into a viewable panoramic image. The straightforward, simple-to-use interface enhances workflow by automatically generating web pages and thumbnail images along with QuickTime VR® panoramic images, the industry-leading panoramic image format. PhotoWarp can also produce images suitable for Java-based viewers. There are also no per-image or “click fees” imposed on the user. PhotoWarp was designed for the Apple® Mac OS X® platform and supports the Mac OS 9, Microsoft Windows® 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000 and Windows XP operating systems.

The 360 One, which requires no special technical expertise, can be hand-held or mounted on a convenient monopod using a remote shutter release and a bubble level. Initially the 360 One will support the Nikon Coolpix® line of cameras including the 990, 995 and 5000. Support for a wide range of film and other digital cameras will be announced in the coming months.

Scheduled to ship in early 2002, the 360 One is priced at $999.95. The 360 One will be available from Kaidan and from all authorized Kaidan resellers and distributors worldwide. Optional accessories including monopods and hardware carrying cases will also be available from Kaidan.

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