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August 27, 2004:

EyeSee360 Introduces PhotoWarp 2.5

Panoramic imaging tool adds support for third-party one-shot optics, FlashVR panorama viewer

PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA — August 27, 2004: EyeSee360 today announced an upgrade to its highly regarded PhotoWarp® software, a simple, fast and powerful tool for processing panoramic images. PhotoWarp, available for Mac OS X or Windows, is the software component of 360 One VR®, the Macworld Expo 'Best of Show' one-shot panoramic photography system from Kaidan. Beginning with PhotoWarp 2.5, users of other panoramic one-shot systems can have access to this powerful tool for only $249. Read more...

February 14, 2003:

Kaidan and EyeSee360 Announce PhotoWarp 2.0 Public Preview and Support for Digital and Film SLR Cameras

Major new panoramic software release and SLR camera support enables high-volume virtualtour production capabilities and high-resolution output.

FEASTERVILLE, PA &mdash February 14, 2003: Kaidan Incorporated and EyeSee360 Inc. todayannounced major enhancements to their single-shot panoramic imaging solution, 360 One VR. The companies have announced PhotoWarp 2.0 Public Preview and the SLR Bracket whichprovide new capabilities and enhancements that streamline the production of panoramic virtual tours and permit the use of professional, high-resolution digital and film cameras. Read more...

January 8, 2002:

Kaidan and EyeSee360 Announce One-Shot Panoramic Photographic VR Solution

Kaidan and EyeSee360 announce an affordable and easy-to-use one-shot Photographic VR solution: 360 One

MACWORLD EXPO, SAN FRANCISCO, CA — January 8, 2002: Kaidan Incorporated and EyeSee360 Inc. today announced the 360 One™, an optical system that captures a complete 360° panoramic image in a single camera shot. Kaidan is the leading manufacturer and supplier of Photographic VR solutions and EyeSee360 is a leading developer of immersive, interactive imaging technology. Read more...

Awards and Reviews

January 10, 2002:

MacWorld Best of Show winners announced - MacWorld

...The 360 One from Kaidan, which enables users to create a 360 degree QuickTime VR movie with 100 degrees of vertical field of view, all in a single shot.

May 21, 2002:

Kaidan 360 One VR - Steve's DigiCams

...I've used a lot of hardware and software to make 360-degree panoramic images but none of them have been as simple and straight forward to use as the 360 One system.

October 2002:

One-Shot VR Panorama Systems - MacWorld

...If you regularly shoot VR images, you'll want to check out this new technology. The 360 One VR is worth its price both for its image quality and its unlimited license.

November 26, 2002

No Flash in the Panorama: 360 One VR is a Virtual-Reality Gadget that's Here to Stay -

...the 360 One is a must-have for the busy VR shooter who needs to create Web-based movies.

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